The Effects of a Preschool Program on Kindergarten Achievements

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Funding for Preschool programs has currently become a political agenda being debated in our nation. It is important to give our children an early start to education regardless of socioeconomic status, as it can be beneficial to them as they grow. This study will provide evidence to sway our politicians to fund preschool programs as they positively affect children in their kindergarten year. Historical Teaching Strategies Gold assessment data of 84 randomly selected kindergarten students will provide evidence of the effects of a preschool program. This data was collected from a year in kindergarten and consists of students that have attended a preschool in-district program, students who have attended a Head Start and outsider provider preschool program, and students who have no preschool education. Although this study did not have a significant difference among the groups, the researcher found that students who have attended an in-district preschool program made better positive gains throughout their kindergarten year than students who attended a Head Start and outside provider preschool program and those students who did not have a preschool education.

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