A Study on the Effects of Leadership Style and Culture on Organizational Climate

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Focusing on offices in the Ministry of Education Malaysia, this study examined the relationship between the leadership styles of selected principal assistant directors, Malay culture, and its effects on the organizational climate. Current literature reveals that the leader’s role is critical to the organization's climate so that subordinates will feel appreciated and perform better at achieving organizational goals. However, there have been limited studies looking at the influence of cultural diversity in the practice of leadership style(s). Therefore, as a culturally diversified organization, these selected offices will provide an excellent platform for investigating the influence of cultural variables on leadership styles and organizational climate. Furthermore, the Interpretative Phenomenological Approach (IPA) of the case study was administered in this research so that the findings would provide insight into the interplay between non-Western and Western styles of leadership and the effects on organizational climate. Hence, this paper offers valuable information for leaders and managers to understand which Malay cultural variables help promote a positive organizational climate.

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