A Qualitative Study on the Impact of Teacher Perceptions Specific to the Efficacy of Inclusion

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Students with special needs are being educated alongside their general education peers at a growing rate. With this increase and the movement towards inclusive classrooms, teacher perceptions are critical to analyze to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills that are needed to instruct students with and without disabilities. The purpose of this study was to analyze the impact of teacher perceptions specific towards the efficacy of inclusion programs. This study focused on the perceptions of elementary education teachers regarding a student’s ability, academically and socially, in an inclusive classroom; the perceptions of elementary education teachers on how best teaching practices and personal experience can affect inclusive education; and the perceptions of elementary education teachers on teaching practices and school structure in relation to inclusive education. This study was conducted using a survey that targeted elementary school teachers in two northern New Jersey suburban public school districts. The survey results were analyzed, and they revealed that teachers need additional support and hands- on learning experiences to instruct inside an inclusive classroom appropriately. The results were grouped into three themes.

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