Assessing Career Readiness Among Recently Licensed Practical Nurse Graduates

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  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) G0. Graduates encountered challenges in their field of employment due to lack of practical training. This is a qualitative study aimed at assessing Career Readiness Among Recently Licensed Practical Nurse Graduates. Benner’s Model and Duchscher’s theoretical framework supports this study. 11 clinical nurse supervisors were included in the research; six nurses had approximately 15 years of clinical supervisory experience, while the remaining five nursing supervisors had between one to five years of nursing experience. Key findings reveal that most LPN nurses found their training programs ill prepared them for the realities of employment. They remarked how training programs need more time allocated to practical skill attainment and more attention paid to ensure that what is being taught reflects the skill sets that employers expect. The lack of clear communication strategies when onboarding was found non-existent or subpar by newly certified LPNs. This caused much misunderstanding and increased the potential for errors and patient safety. Overall, participants indicated that the gap between actual working conditions and practical skills knowledge offered by training programs created much unnecessary frustration and even led to higher numbers of attrition among recent LPN graduates.
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  • 04/04/2024
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