An Investigation of Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding Pedagogy and Instruction Related to Arts Integration: Artist-in-Residence Programs

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  • The incorporation of Arts Integration in today’s classroom has been utilized in an effort to promote higher levels of student engagement and learning. This teaching strategy exposes students to a new way of learning which researchers have said can lead to increased student attendance, engagement, and achievement (Darts, 2006; Gajda & Dorfram, 2006; Levin, 2008, Stevenson & Deasy, 2005). Eisner (2002) called for more research in the field of arts education regarding teaching, learning processes, and outcomes. This researcher sought to explore the perceptions of teachers who have participated in an arts residency program to learn more about their experiences. The purpose of this study was to investigate and analyze teachers’ perceptions and experiences regarding pedagogy and instruction related to Arts Integration, specifically an Artist- in-Residence program. The researcher utilized teacher interviews to gather data. Research participants of the study were 11 elementary and middle school teachers from public school districts in New Jersey who participated in either a 5-day or 20-day arts residency initiative through one of two identified programs. The results indicated that professional development supports the effectiveness of Arts Integration and arts residency programs. The study also illustrated the positive effect of Arts Integration strategies on marginalized students. These results indicated that school leaders should be knowledgeable of Arts Integration strategies as an effective instructional tool. They should be aware that participating in an arts residency leads to teacher confidence and attitude shifts with regard to implementing future Arts Integration practices. The findings from this study offer insight for future research. While the results of this study are local, they may have merit to a broader audience. Broadening this study to include additional teachers from other counties throughout New Jersey would provide additional data analysis and generalization. The two art teachers who participated in the study indicated that they benefited greatly from the residency. Conducting research with a larger number of related arts teachers and/or specifically visual arts teachers will also provide additional perspectives.
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