Enrollment and Academic Performance Trends of Dual Degree Students

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  • Dual degree programs allow students to complete courses that can be applied toward two degree programs. Bachelor’s and master’s dual degree programs allow students to complete a graduate degree in less time than it takes to complete each program separately. Although dual degree programs are being offered by institutions, little is known about the dual degree student population. This research sought to address this gap in the literature by reviewing the enrollment patterns and academic performance of dual degree students. Two student samples were analyzed from arts and sciences programs at a large, private, doctoral university in New York state. Existing institutional files were reviewed to assess student demographic data, program completion data, and GPA. A significant relationship was found between a student’s participation in a dual degree program and master’s program completion. There were no significant results related to a student’s participation in a dual degree program and program completion time or GPA. Descriptive analyses revealed that a large portion (43%) of dual degree students do not continue to matriculate into their assigned graduate programs. This research should serve as a starting point for additional analyses, as the results suggest that the experience of these students may be unique, but the research had limitations and was not exhaustive.
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  • 04/16/2024
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