Moving In, Moving Through, Moving Out: An Analysis of Single-Parent Women Pursuing Baccalaureate Degrees at One Public Four-Year Institution in Northern New Jersey

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  • The purpose of this study was to examine the experiences of single-parent women students pursuing baccalaureate degrees at one public 4-year institution in northern New Jersey. The researcher administered the Mattering Scales for Adult Students in Higher Education to a sample of 103 single-parent mother students. The survey consisted of 45 Likert-scale statements focused on how the students regarded their institutional experience and how well they felt their needs were being met. The results reflected the extent to which they believed they mattered to their institution. The findings revealed that single-parent women at this one public 4-year institution in northern New Jersey generally had positive attitudes toward mattering. However, responses to some statements in the Administration and Interaction with Peers subscales indicated lower perceptions of mattering. Additionally, significant differences were found in regard to students’ enrollment status.
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  • 04/16/2024
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