The Impact of Retention Efforts of a Community College Library Determined by Library Directors

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Community college libraries provide retention support for students navigating through their coursework. This research consists of interviews with 10 out of 18 library directors in New Jersey. This study takes a sizable positive step in determining how an academic library supports retention since a library director is uniquely qualified and able to view and understand the various departments, collections, and how the staff interacts when assisting students. The importance of teaching students how to be self-sufficient to assist in their retention is a fully formed concept that can now be researched, analyzed, and expanded upon in postsecondary education. A student who is self-sufficient in navigating the library improves retention in a college because they possess the tools to stay enrolled in a college for more than a semester or two. Therefore, a self-sufficient student is more likely to attain their individual education goals. The library and the library director are the catalysts for this growth transformation to occur for each student. How the library collaborates with other departments to support retention is also analyzed and discussed. Finally, how the library director communicates and advocates for the library with their academic vice president is also analyzed.

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  • 03/05/2024
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