Character Education A Possible Preventative for Negative Vices Occurring in Public Schools

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Why do some schools look to band-aid or temporary solutions to address negative behaviors occurring in schools? Character education, which may be commercialized or developed through homegrown programs, is a preventative measure that can be used to mitigate behavioral issues. Incorporating this strategy into school curricula can curb vices that may stem from negative behaviors. Schools implementing character education have reported that their schools have become a safe haven for a productive learning environment, where academic achievement is significant. This research investigated three public elementary schools that have been awarded the National Schools of Character distinction. Using a triangulation approach, data was collected from interviews, observations, and reviews of character education documentation. Data analysis unearthed themes and patterns and shed light on paralleled and unparalleled character attributes that the schools fostered through their individualized programs. This study examines the effectiveness of implementing a character education curriculum that suits school needs. The results demonstrated that the positive effects of character education extend beyond the students to benefit the faculty, parents, and broader community. With respect to future research, a long-term study may be used to determine whether the positive effects of character education endeavors continue throughout the students’ public school education. Long-term positive outcomes may lead to students to become good, productive citizens in adulthood.

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  • 11/30/2023
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