Critical Race Theory in Urban Classrooms: A Qualitative Exploration into Pedagogical Strategies

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This qualitative study analyzed how five middle-school Language Arts teachers from an elementary school in the Northeastern United States implemented Critical Race practices to meet the curricular, social, emotions, cultural and educational needs of urban students. This research examines how critical race theory practices were used to meet the curricular, social, etc. needs of K-6 students. The pathway which led the researcher to this study began with a question, as in the case of all research: How are teachers using small group instruction to target Critical Race Theory practices (CRT) within the theoretical framework? Participants in this study include five middle-school English Language Arts teachers in an urban school. This research is developed from data acquired through five interviews. Interview transcriptions were analyzed, organized, coded by the NVivo software, and the researcher also cross-checked for accuracy. The emerging themes were building relationships, social and emotional learning, district policy, small group instruction, and student engagement. More research is needed to focus on how teachers are currently implementing the Critical Race Theory practices into the curriculum and how it can inform and drive student teaching and learning. The recordings were then transcribed using WebEx transcription software. Transcriptions from interviews were analyzed, organized, and validated by the NVivo software. Five themes emerged from this study. Building relationships surfaced early as a theme, supported by teachers knowing their students, by establishing well-balanced relationships before teaching the content and placing an inference on students' interest and motivation. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) surfaced as the second theme providing planning time for the students to work collaboratively to address students' individual needs. The other themes focused on district policy, student engagement, and small group instruction.

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