An Examination of Middle-Level Educators’ Perceptions Regarding the Implementation and Maintenance of Blended Learning

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Middle school students learn and develop at different rates which result in a variety of academic abilities within a given classroom. Middle-level educators face significant challenges when working to engage and instruct students. Innovative instructional practices that incorporate digital and non-digital tools are needed to create a dynamic, student-centered learning environment where all students can learn. The purpose of this study was to identify and examine the perceptions of middle level educators related to the implementation and maintenance of blended learning. In addition, this study researched the impact that implementing blended learning pedagogy in middle school classrooms had on student engagement, achievement, and the development of academic and non-academic skills through the lens of practicing middle-level educators. Lastly, this study explored the barriers that middle-level educators encountered when attempting to successfully incorporate blended learning opportunities into their respective curricula.

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