A Case Study of the Implementation of iPad Technology in Secondary Education

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This research uses both quantitative and qualitative methodology in a mixed methods research model to explore the implementation of a policy to integrate iPads as an instructional tool through the experiences of classroom teachers and students. The study’s participants consist of classroom teachers and students involved in an iPad implementation policy at a suburban Catholic high school in New Jersey. The researcher surveyed both teachers and students to gather their opinions on the iPad implementation program. The researcher is also an educator and administrator at this institution and used the participant-observer method to gather qualitative data. The researcher described how iPads affected the techniques teachers took to implement it as an instructional tool any pedagogical changes that occurred any disciplinary adjustments that occurred any student adaptations that occurred and what if any professional development that was utilized or desired. In total, 66 teachers and 891 students agreed to participate in this study. Among other findings, both teachers and students agreed that the implementation and integration of iPads has created a more positive learning atmosphere and has the ability to prepare students for the future. Regarding pedagogy, it is confirmed that changes have been made to the pedagogical curriculum in order to integrate iPads into the curriculum. Regarding discipline, it was evident that disciplinary actions have adjusted once iPads were integrated and implemented into the curriculum. Regarding student learning adaptations, the majority of both teachers and students are in agreed that the iPad is an effective tool to utilize when considering student learning adaptations. Lastly, regarding professional development, both the teacher and student populations agreed that teachers could use more professional development to effectively incorporate iPads into the classroom.

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  • 11/30/2023
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