The Impact of Endorsement Contracts on the Recruiting of College Athletes at National Collegiate Athletic Association Division One Institutions: A Qualitative Study

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The purpose of this qualitative descriptive study is to describe how corporate sponsorship influences an incoming NCAA D-1 student-athletes’ university or college selection decisions from the perspective of student-student athletes and school recruiters. This study may benefit schools and corporate sponsors (Wear et al., 2016). A better understanding of students’ selection processes would aid school athletic programs in recruiting and retaining high-caliber players, which in turn brings them greater team success and corporate sponsorship. Additionally, this study may allow corporate sponsors to better understand how their sponsorship investment influences players. Despite the exponential growth of sponsorship contracts on college campuses, there has been little research on the effect these contracts have on the decision making of university students (Wear et al., 2016). This study would add valuable knowledge to the literature, while potentially benefiting schools and corporate sponsors that are looking to improve their athletic programs and the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Students have the potential to benefit from this study as well. By understanding how corporate sponsorship may influence student decision making, students may be able to make more informed choices about the schools they attend. By performing this research, it is possible the researcher may be able to better understand how incoming NCAA D-1 student-athletes’ school choices are influenced by corporate sponsorship.

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