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The Philosophy of Neoplatonism & Its Effects on the Thought of St. Augustine of Hippo

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The thesis of John Charles Holoduek, Jr. deals with the relationship between the philosophy of Neoplatonism and the Christian philosophy of St. Augustine of Hippo. This work has two themes: first, it examines how Augustine adapts Neoplatonism in order to develop his own Christian philosophical worldview; secondly, it investigates the status of his conversion to Christianity. Specifically, it determines whether his conversion to Christianity was complete or, as some scholars have maintained, was only superficial, concealing his true Neoplatonic identity. The effort to converge classical philosophy with Christian thought was a standard practice with the Fathers of the Church. Some used Platonism, the works of Aristotle, or Neoplatonism. Others used a mixture of these classical philosophies. St. Augustine of Hippo, it is argued, not only used Neoplatonism to understand Christian doctrines, but it was his study of Neoplatonism that facilitated his actual conversion to Christianity.

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