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Working Farm Analysis of the Impacts of Hugelkultur Implementation on Soil Carbon in New Jersey

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This study evaluates soil management practices that can sequester carbon efficiently, leading to an increased food production and quality. Specifically, we focused on hugelkultur and compared it to more traditional farming techniques, to see the efficiency of this method in storing soil carbon. In order to evaluate its effectiveness, we took soil samples from different fields in a farm with diverse farming practices; one of which was an established hugelkultur area. When the results came in, there were many different results depending on the sample, but it was observed that the soil sample from the field in which hugelkultur was used had great soil health quality, with all the indicators having high ratings. This shows that, if all the conditions are met, hugelkutur is a great soil management practice for carbon sequestration, and henceforth, high-quality food production and growth.

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  • 06/13/2023
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