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Can K-Pop Change How You Perceive South Korea? An Exploratory Study of the Country of Origin Effect

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In recent times, the small East Asian country of South Korea has exploded onto the global scene of being a recognizable force in an economic, political and cultural sense. The South Korean government in particular, is credited through its common financial backing of cultural programs and its push to constantly increase tourism to the country by enacting forms of soft power, which they believe to be the best choice for South Korea’s further development. Korean popular music is in fact, an encompassing genre of various music styles that all have some influence from Western music. This thesis explored whether or not the country of origin phenomenon has any relevance in attempting to explain whether K-Pop has any effect on the perception of South Korea using qualitative methodology by conducting in-depth interviews. My findings from my research include that K-Pop seems to contribute to a growing interest in other cultural aspects of South Korea, K-Pop appears to have made South Korea a preferred destination for tourists and that future research could be done to measure the relationship between K-Pop music and perception of its country of origin.

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  • 10/23/2019
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