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Usefulness of Science in Everyday Life

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Scientific literacy has been a growing topic of discussion, with claims about the usefulness of science being the root of it. Even so, the goals of education writ suffers from a lack of empirical basis to support these claims about usefulness. Considering some citizens don't have domain-specific knowledge of science, we recognize the notion that science can be useful it if can help citizens when making everyday decisions. We used an anonymous survey to ask individuals to describe meaningful decisions they face in everyday life and if they view science as relevant to those decisions. Our results show that most participants have an interest in diet, medical health, and exercise, while using knowledge that they views as fact, sourced from their own experience or undistinguished. Even though they recognized science as relevant to their everyday decisions, they mostly did not consider multiple sources or bias. By understanding what respondents found meaningful and how they source and view that knowledge, we were able to get a better vision of how science can play a role in someone's life. Our results show we can also provide empirical evidence in order to create a skeletal frame that further studies could use to determine what people find to be relevant.

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