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Ethical Micromanagement: An Alternative Approach to Organizational Flourishing

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Micromanagers and general micromanagement have been feared and hated by the global workforce since these terms were coined and later popularized. The detriment of micromanagers and their behavior in the workplace to the collective productivity of the team(s) they manage and the company they work for have been observed by workers for several decades. However, despite the negativity that sufferers of micromanagement have attributed to their previous managers’ management styles, their methods are still capable of great results, but only when they are executed properly. To discover if a top-to-bottom innovative style of micromanagement is viable in a work environment befitting this kind of management, the idea of a positive micromanager, or a micro-monitor, is defined, explained, and applied by all the relevant psychological theories, the main one being positive psychology.

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  • 08/02/2022
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