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Superintendent Perceptions of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Incorporating Online Courses In Order To Meet Graduation Requirements in Monmouth County, New Jersey

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Using mixed methods, this study examined the perceptions of superintendents of the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating online courses in order to meet graduation requirements in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Twenty-three superintendents completed an online survey that measured perceived advantages and disadvantages of incorporation online courses in order to meet graduation requirements. The survey consisted of four qualitative and forty-two quantitative questions. Qualitative data revealed that superintendents believe online learning to be a part of their futures. Quantitative data was conducted utilizing correlation analysis. These results did not yield statistical significance. Therefore, school factors were then analyzed and plotted to determine differences between the superintendents surveyed. The results of this study were discussed, as were implications for practitioners and researchers The author chooses RESTRICTED ACCESS - Please contact the library for more details.

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