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The Role of the Relationship Between the School Board and the Superintendent in New Jersey School Districts

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  • The purpose of this research was to identify the role of the relationship between the school board and the school superintendent. This study was an effort to describe the role of relationship between the two stakeholders and what effect that relationship had on school climate and how their relationship impacted their ability to develop a strong working relationship. Additionally, this study looked at the relationship’s impact on a superintendent’s longevity in his/her position. After researching the current literature, a survey tool was developed to conduct a quantitative research study. These surveys were used to identify the stakeholders’ perspectives on their relationship. The population targeted for this study was retired and active school board members in the State of New Jersey and retired, interim and active school superintendents in the State of New Jersey. Three research questions were used in the design of this quantitative study. The survey instrument, that included closed ended questions, was sent to the identified superintendents and school board members via survey monkey and email. The findings from this study indicated that school board members and superintendents revealed that the majority of both stakeholders agreed that the relationship between the school board members and the superintendent has an impact on the school culture and climate. Communication, decision-making, common values, and trust were important attributes in a positive relationship that built a positive culture and climate. Furthermore respondents agreed that leadership style, communication skills and being able to maintain a positive school climate as important qualities for securing longevity for a superintendent.
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  • 10/26/2023
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