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The Gender Disparity in Nursing

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Within the diverse, American workforce of Registered Professional Nurses (RNs), there are disparities between male and female RNs. Issues such as wage gap and deterrence of career advancement affect women who are registered professional nurses; a profession which was established by and is predominately comprised of women. Research has shown that the historical societal obligation of being a caregiver and the more modern obligation of being a career woman, presents a challenge for women. Registered professional nurses share this challenge with the rest of the female workforce in our society. Factors such as the motivation towards career advancement, presence of external obligations to family, gender specific views of power, and lack of female representation in executive positions all influence the female perspective of career progression, specifically the upward movement of women within the nursing profession. The integration of women does not stop at their inclusion in the workforce but requires participation in higher, executive positions in order to close these gender disparities that are present in the profession of nursing.

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