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The Use of Book Banning in the United States as a Political Tool

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During the 2016 Presidential elections, former President Donald Trump called on Americans and politicians to work together to “Make America Great Again.” In their efforts, right-wing conservatives have worked diligently to limit and reinvent knowledge and history to students. Between 2021-2022, PEN America reported 1,648 books being banned across the nation. This censorship of knowledge is not new, but it is also not a good sign for the trajectory of America. Should these book bans continue, the United States May find itself succumbing to fascist ideologies and control. The ways in which books are currently being banned fall in line with fascist tactics meant to uplift a false utopia, create divide amongst people, and promote fear. This thesis will look at the ways in which book banning is used as a political tool and its increasing premonition of the possibility of America becoming a fascist state.

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  • 06/13/2023
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