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A Pilot Study: Proactive Tobacco Cessation Program Using EMR Prompts for a 5 A’s Interview and Refer-to-Quit Faxed Referrals

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Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States. It is estimated that one of every five deaths annually in the United States is directly related to smoking, and that smoking is responsible for several different cancers as well as acute and chronic disease (Center for Disease Control, 2013a). Despite the years of anti-smoking campaigns and evidence supporting the catastrophic health and environmental effects of smoking, 41.2 million American adults make a personal choice to smoke cigarettes (United States Department of Human Health Services, 2014b). The choice to smoke cigarettes affects personal health and is a burden to individuals, families, the government, taxpayers, and innocent bystanders. In order to improve smoking cessation outcomes among adult patients, this scholarly project implemented a tobacco cessation program in a primary care/urgent care practice to proactively connect patients with evidence-based resources and treatment.

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