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Possible Components That Might Affect the Academic Performance of Immigrant College Students

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The study of interpersonal communication is gaining importance in this current climate of globalization. Students need to develop interpersonal communication skills because they are very important through all aspects of living. Because of this increasingly multicultural environment, cross cultural communication and interpersonal communication skills are very important and must be developed while studying in a foreign country. Over the years, the number of immigrant students attending schools in the United States has increased dramatically. Interpersonal communication is at the centre of human central relationships and psychoanalysis (Amaraju, 2012). Therefore, the number of challenges in school for foreign students increases as a result of the lack of interpersonal communication skills. The importance of interpersonal communication skills and the development of satisfactory relationships with other students is necessary to understand such behaviors in college students and their effect on academic performance. The proposed study will discuss the possible components that might affect the academic performance of immigrant college students and the interpersonal communication skills that might affect a college education experience as a result. The study will also cover the scope of grammar and speaking limitations among members of the immigrant student community, as well as the effect of their seclusion from the mainstream on their academic performance. This proposal includes my methods for gathering information, and the possible challenges to immigrant students in the classroom including bullying and discrimination.

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