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Where Ignorance is Bliss, tis Folly to be Wise: A Look at the Attempted Censorship of Brave New World

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The relationship between personal liberty and social order affects every human being. Censorship is used as a mediator between personal thought and the greater social apparatus. “Where Ignorance is Bliss, tis Folly to be Wise” is a comprehensive look at Aldous Huxley’s classic novel, Brave New World, being challenged in various school systems in America since 1980. The paper aims to evaluate whether these challenges were consistent with court precedents involving First Amendment rights. Specifically, the paper attempts evaluate the legality of the challenges, and unbiasedly determine whether the challenges had any merit. The challenges that are looked at are Miller, Missouri in 1980; Corona-Norco, California in 1993; Folly, Alabama in 2000; and Seattle, Washington in 2010.

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