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The Examination of Performance in Remote Memory Testing versus Skill Based Testing in a Low-Stakes Environment for Predisposed Test Anxious and Non-Predisposed Text Anxious Students

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Research has shown that test anxiety can negatively impact performance of students in a high-stakes environment. Students who are affected by test anxiety have reached the point of crying, vomiting, and completely giving up on exams because of the pressures of standardized testing (Chasmar, 2013). This student strives to see if a predisposition to test anxiety negatively impacts test performance equally on exams that test rote memory and skill based questions. We should study different methods of testing for standardized exams. It was discovered that when students take tests primarily composed of rote-memory questions, they perform better in comparison to skill based questions. Therefore this is something that should be taken into consideration when creating curriculums and standardized tests. Test anxiety was found to not have a significant effect on performance on either rote memory or skill based questions.

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  • 10/12/2020
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