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The Current State Assessment of Federal and Local Forensic Science Laboratories in the United States and What Further Improvements Can Be Made

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Forensic science is an essential part of solving crimes in the United States, and it is one part that wasn’t heavily looked at until 2009 when the NAS (National Academy of Forensic Science) conducted a study that held that among existing forensic methods, only nuclear DNA analysis had been rigorously shown to have the capacity to consistently demonstrate a connection between an evidentiary sample and a specific individual or source. In addition, the report found that most forensic crime labs were understaffed, underfunded, and undereducated in the actual field. This report fueled many changes throughout the forensic crime laboratories in the United States and ultimately led to an improvement. However, are there still improvements that need to be made to deem these crime laboratories sufficient, and if so, what can be improved? This will be a literary analysis of how much the 2009 NAS study and findings made an impact on the field of forensic science in the Criminal Justice System and will explore different improvements which can be made to processes and methods in forensic science, which could ultimately lead towards a better state of Forensic Science in the United States as a whole.

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  • 06/13/2023
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