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Inequalities in Access to Dermatologic Healthcare in Hispanic/Latino(a) Communities

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  • In the healthcare field, especially for people of minorities, some issues prevent patients from getting the care they need and providers from providing that care. This paper aims to identify the issues of diversity among patients and providers through the study of scholarly articles and personal statements from interviews of 10 Latino(a) participants that provide evidence of inequities. This analysis organizes statistics presented by these articles in the form of tables documenting many issues that impact people of minority groups as well as the lack of diversity among healthcare professionals. Through those supporting statistics and identification of issues, possible solutions and continued awareness of these issues will be discussed. Solutions include increasing diversity in healthcare through education, changing the current U.S. Healthcare system to a more socialist approach that most European countries have adopted, creating more inclusive workplaces, tackling the issues of racial injustice in society, and promoting programs that could help people of minority and low-income communities. These solutions and analyses will then be connected with the results of interviews, presented in tables and graphs that despite a small sample size, will show clear inequalities in access to dermatologic healthcare by Latino(a)s from various salary ranges.
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  • 05/14/2024
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