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Harry Potter: A Modern Epic

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Harry Potter has become one of the largest literary phenomena in history. In addition to books, the Potter phenomenon has branched out into many other areas of media. While they were written for a younger audience, people of all ages can enjoy these books. J.K. Rowling has brought people from televisions, phones, radios, and iPods, back to one of the most basic forms of entertainment and enlightenment: reading. Everyone can relate to the characters and storyline of Harry Potter in some form. in this work, I establish how the Harry Potter series is a Modern Epic and how Harry is an archetypal epic hero. In order to do so, I show how Rowling's work fits into many different genres, but belongs most to the Epic form, albeit a modern version. Therefore, I show how Rowling's influences mold the novels, as well as the archetypal hero into a modern epic form.

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