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Sustainable Supply Chains in the Agrifood System: Exploring Circular Concepts and Solutions to Our Globalized Food Systems

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Food is essential to life, the foundation of our existence, and necessary for all organisms. Food and its systems of production, availability, supply, and demand play a critical role in the development, expansion, and detriment of human civilizations. While the globalization of food systems has fostered a greater variety and availability of food, its accessibility is by no means universal. In acknowledging the disconnect relating to economies of the Global North and Global South, everyone did not reap the benefits of globalizing food. The current global food system is unsustainable in all measures: socially, environmentally, and economically, as it is a primary driver of biodiversity loss, accounts for nearly one-third of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) (Benton, et. al, 2021), and contributes to the food waste-hunger paradox as the world produces enough food to feed every people globally simultaneously, while 811 million people remain chronically undernourished (FAO, n.d.). Additionally, as society grows more concerned about the Earth's wellbeing, further amplified by the circumstances of the current climate crisis and the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, resiliency for our global food systems becomes increasingly prevalent to transform our current food system to become part of the solution. I will be conducting my research through the perspective lens of grocery store leaders, supply chain managers, and other experts on these specific topics and providing a thorough literature review of scholarly articles and journals that explore this concept beyond my capacity and provide appropriate applications of these sustainable initiatives and how they would manifest in transforming our current global food system. These models and concepts of a closed-loop, circular economic system in our food supply chain can be recognized as an urgent and important complement to food waste mitigation and regenerative processes that aid in our Earth's recovery from the impacts of global climate change.

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