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Private Equity: Leveraged Buyouts, the Robotics and Drones Industry, and the Economic and Societal Implications on Our Planet

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My Honors thesis is the product of my experience in the classrooms at Saint Peter's University and overseas in London and Paris. Through a challenging and rewarding curriculum at The Jesuit University of New Hersey, I have been exposed to important factors of global economics: intellectual capital, technology, natural resources, and, especially, the robotics and drones industry. I have also learned much about the private equity industry, famed for its leveraged buyouts (LBOs), as well as its prevalence in everyday life. The structure of this paper will include an introduction with general background information on my study a history of the private equity and robotics and drones industries, why what I will be arguing is significant, my leveraged buyouts (LBO) and discounted cash flow (DCF) analyses, and the implications of my research, followed by a conclusion. The purpose of my study is to analyze LBOs in the robotics and drones industry. Through this analysis, I unearthed a positive correlation between the number of LBOs conducted and rising inequality between the world's developed and developing countries.

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