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Plasma Treated PET Films Grafted in Boronic Acid and Surface Properties

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Biofilm growth on medical equipment and bacterial infections following operations have previously been treated with antibiotics. Although that method has helped kill the majority of the bacteria, it leaves a strain of stronger, antibiotic-resistant ones that have adapted to survive and reproduce. Boronic acid contains a plethora of properties, such as determining the presence of glucose, detecting cancer in an early phase, and measuring dopamine levels more accurately in the brain. This research aims to explore another potential application of boronic acid because of its promising uses. Boronic acid is incorporated after the activation of surfaces with cool plasma. Plasma-activated surfaces polymerized in boronic acid can be applied to the biomedical and biotechnological domains as an antibacterial method to replace antibiotics on medical materials effectively. This will vastly improve the quality of medical equipment and sterilization within the medical and surgical fields.

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  • 06/10/2020
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