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Math Anxiety: Its Causes, Effects, and Support Through Effective Instruction, a Call for Research and Action

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The purpose of this honors thesis is to serve as a call to research and action of both experts and current and future mathematics educators. Mathematics is a complicated, abstract, and beautiful field. Math is used in everyday life, whether or not it is recognized. However, the thought of partaking in any activity involving mathematics can cause stress and anxiety. Sometimes, this occurs in the classroom, but may also happen in everyday activities. Examples include calculating a tip or calculating interest on a loan. This phenomenon has been identified as Math Anxiety. Research has been done for many years to understand this complex concept, including its causes and effects on students and adults; however, there is so much that remains unknown. This study reviews the current literature on math anxiety in the classroom, both at the K-12 and undergraduate levels, to recognize the importance of identifying math anxiety. This research will come to form a tentative action plan for educators to help alleviate math anxiety for both their students and themselves.

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  • 06/14/2022
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