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Legal Systems and the Effect of Religion upon Them

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One cannot understate the importance of religion for most people. Faith in a supreme deity, in one form or another, has been a part of most cultures since the dawn of civilization. This fact is evident as well in the development of legal systems across world history. In order to understand the effects of religion upon a State, one must analyze two States which act as complete opposites. By doing so, one is more able to notice the effects majors religions have on the judiciary. Specifically, focusing on a comparison between the religious-based theocracy of Iran with the United States of America's separation of Church and State. By studying the judicial system of each country, regarding religion's effect on the law, with specific attention to the appointment of judges. By reviewing two countries with completely opposite views on the role of religion in their legal system and the degree to which that impacts each country's courts, laws, and the way in which this affects the evolving judiciary.

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