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When Trees Have Bad Roots: Tracing the Current Wave of Right-Wing Populism to the Theoretical Shortcomings of Globalization

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This paper asserts the link between the current wave of right-wing populism and the theoretical flaws of our current system of globalization. In the same way that the well being of trees can be traced to its root system, this thesis states that the rise of right-wing populists should have been expected, given the way in which globalization was engineered. In order to prove this point, the paper takes a brief look at the economic theories that went behind globalization, how these theories became implemented, who won and who lost as a consequence, as well as how these theories directly led to the factors that fed the rise of people and groups such as Donald Trump in the United Stated, Brexit movement in the United Kingdom, and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. Finally, the paper suggests that there is a need to change the current concept of globalization, and that in case changes do not occur, more chaos could lie ahead. The right-wing populists can be labeled as negative, but our way of exercising globalization is even more harmful.

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  • 11/22/2019
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